Mae Sot Education Project

A youth volunteer project to assist refugee and migrant children from Myanmar (Burma) living in Mae Sot, Thailand and to help Canadians better understand the plight of people displaced by repression and conflict.

Youth connecting with youth across borders and cultures...

transforms lives

Youth connecting with youth across borders and cultures...

encourages critical thinking and personal growth

Youth connecting with youth across borders and cultures...

facilitates exchange of knowledge and skills

Youth connecting with youth across borders and cultures...

makes a better world

Youth connecting with youth across borders and cultures...

creates empathy and understanding

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Spring 2021

Spring 2021 is a time of waiting for MSEP – waiting for COVID lockdowns to end, waiting for migrant learning centres in Mae Sot to reopen, waiting for travel to Thailand to become a real possibility for our volunteers. It is also a time when the people of Myanmar/Burma are experiencing the trauma unleashed by the violent and destructive forces of the military in their country, thus it is a time when our solidarity and support are even more important than usual. To our friends in Canada and beyond: We are so grateful for your constancy in supporting our work at a time when fundraising possibilities are very limited.

To our partners and friends in Mae Sot: We will be with you in spirit in the coming months. We will continue to provide what support we can, and we look forward to the time when we can meet face to face. As we have said before, your work on behalf of migrant children, your persistence and determination inspire us. There is no more worthy project than that of providing education and security, and thereby creating hope for the future, to children.

Read our latest newsletter: Spring 2021

If you would like to support us, go to the Donate Now page for instructions on how to donate online or by cheque.

In the wake of the forced displacement of Rohingya people from western Myanmar, we at MSEP affirm the shared humanity of all people regardless of ethnicity, race, religion, gender, economic standing or nationality. Every human being needs and deserves dignity and respect. In working for migrant education, we strive through our volunteers to promote children’s understanding of the fundamental rights that all humans need in order to have well-being and fulfillment as they journey through life. These rights include physical and mental security, equality, nationality, freedom of expression and religion as well as the right to a home and to full membership in society.

As one of our former volunteers said recently:

“Educating children about simple human decencies, such as kindness and compassion, the respect and acceptance needed regarding each of our similarities and differences and the rights and dignities we all share, is the only sure way we have of securing hope that the future will be made brighter and more just for all of us.”

We look forward to continuing to work with all of our partners to achieve this future for Myanmar and for the world.

Our Partners Speak

Video created in 2017 by Emily Prangley Desormeaux: