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How you can support us

You can donate to MSEP online! Tax receipts for donations are given by the Bishop’s University Foundation.

Donating through the Bishop’s Foundation

If you wish to donate to MSEP through Bishop’s University, the link below will take you to the Bishop’s University Foundation’s site for making donations. Once on the donation page, for the designation, choose “other” from the list of options and then manually type in “Mae Sot”. You can then complete the rest of the form. Your donation to MSEP will be processed through the Bishop’s Foundation. You will automatically receive an e-receipt, and the Foundation will send a thank you card in the mail.

Of course we are also happy to receive donations by cheque at our project address:

Box 67, Champlain College – Lennoxville
2580 rue College
Sherbrooke, QC,  J1M 2K3

Be sure to include the name of the Foundation and MSEP on your cheque.

How we use your donations

Here is a snapshot of our finances. Although MSEP has occasionally received grants from foundations over the years, the project relies on community donors for core support. If you would like to see a complete financial statement showing how funds are raised and spent, please contact us. We are happy to share this information.

Financial Situation in 2019

2019 marked a shift in MSEP’s funding base. Since the end of the Pathy Family Foundation Grant in 2018, MSEP has relied on the project’s activities, charitable donations and donations from community organizations for support. We are extremely grateful that our community, as well as some former volunteers, have come forward to help fill in the gap left by the end of Pathy support. It is evident from the charts below that we are not quite staying even. Excluding dedicated grants to two schools (see below), our project expenditures totaled $33,075 while our revenue came to $30,368. Fortunately, we have some savings! The expenditures chart shows specifically how we used our funds in 2019. Donations to schools account for 61% of our total expenditures. Volunteer support accounted for $14,124 or 26 % of our expenses. If you have any questions or would like further information about our project finances, please contact us. We are proud of our management and happy to respond.

Revenue, 2019

2019 revenue chart: see text below the image for details

Grants and Institutional Donors: $1,900 (4%)
Charitable Donations: $15,811 (31%)
Local Fundraising: $12,657 (24%)
Dedicated Donations for Schools: $21,000 (41%)

Expenditures, 2019

2019 expenditures chart: see text below the image for details

Dedicated Donations to Schools: $22,000 (40%)
MSEP Contributions to Schools & Educational Organizations: $11,781 (21%)
Outreach, Publicity, Fundraising: $4,649 (8%)
Administration: $572 (1%)
Stipends & Project Committee Travel: $1,948 (4%)
Expenses Related to Volunteer Support: $14,125 (26%)

Thank you very much for your support.